New travel directions



I don’t wrote on this blog that often, but between now and the last one I have graduated in my Bachelor Degree in historical Inquiry and Practice last December. In that time I have planned one hell of a mega trip overseas mainly as a reward to myself for finishing my degree and the fact that I need a holiday. The only holiday I took was to head to Armidale to graduate from University. I don’t plan on changing jobs any time soon unless something interesting turns up or I have an offer that I might consider.


Distortion, Copenhagen crowds

Around May last year in 2018, I began planning for a trip away using my long service leave through work and have saved the money for a trip away that I think will be epic. I have used several platforms on social media including Instagram to search for museums that I want to visit along the way. There a few museums that I do want to visit along the trip and that is what I am going to focus on. The travel plan is to fly into Germany and travel to Sweden, where I will fly to Belgium and have a smurfing good time in Brussels before heading across the World War One battle sites to Paris where I will make my way into England and see what has happened since Brexit took place.


A little far away

There will be one unique experience as I had booked my time in Copenhagen during a five day festival called Distortion. I did not know about that at the time of booking, but I am not worried as I have bought a ticket to the event. Lets see if I can handle the crowds, but I will be experiencing music that I do not usually listen to. Dance, house and techno music are the themes and I have no idea what I am getting myself into. Just how I like it sometimes. Last time I have visited Copenhagen, I had done no research, had someone say they would meet me at the airport. They never did and I had to find my way to the city. It wasn’t that bad really apart from the annoyance.

It took some time to tweak the journey to how I would like it especially when I was originally going to stay in Amsterdam and travel by ferry to Newcastle upon Tyne. That shall be another journey especially when travel around Amsterdam seems difficult when trains are not involved to out of the way areas. I did have the thought of going to Japan on the way home too, but that meant I would be pushing my luck. I am going to spend a few days on the way home in Singapore, but on my way over, I will be at the Changi Airport for a few hours so I will use the time exploring a world class airport. I am thinking of starting my own FB page just for my travel apart from my usual travel blogs.



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