Revisiting the trials of Don Burke

Over the last several days I had been wondering about the case of one man earlier this year that came out while he was being torn down by allegations. That man was Don Burke who hasn’t really been heard from ever since his interview on A Current Affair or ACA as everyone in Australia knows. Don one of Australia’s gardening gurus or was depending on how you see him, came out as saying he has Aspergers.

My thoughts were as reflecting on the past was would that have meant anything if he had not gotten himself into trouble? Should we revisit the situation and say sure he has Aspergers and is on the spectrum. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and point him to getting diagnosed as he was self-diagnosed.

If everyone is shooting down the self diagnosis, then should we not treat the rest of the self diagnosed in the same way or even those who have a criminal record as they have done some sort of crime, but couldn’t possibly have Autism or Aspergers because of their conviction? I am just putting thoughts down while thinking we are not in a perfect world. I do wonder if he has gone and gotten himself a diagnosis, but is really keeping that to himself.

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