The Art of Doing Nothing

At the moment I am recharging after finishing the second last Trimester of university. I have around two weeks before study begins again and I have decided to use this time to do nothing about study. What I have been doing in my nothing stage is watching TV shows that I have taped over the last couple of months. There is the shows Mighty Trains, Agents of Shield, Who Do You Think You are?, Great British railways all for my viewing pleasure and slowly being whittled down. Something to think about is that I have not had a beer in the last couple of months. I think it was around last December since I had one. I simply cannot remember that one.


I should include a ‘boring’ book ‘A People’s History of the Vampire Uprising’. Not a history book and reading as I am nearly at the end of the Jack Reacher series and waiting for the new Laurell K Hamilton book. On the list are the three series of ASIO history books and Vietnam War with the Australian involvement. Most will be read after uni studies finish such is the growing list of to reads. I have been playing Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II and finished one chapter and onto the Chaos Rising part. The recharge continues.


Amongst all this I have done some light research into the dinosaur museums in Europe and UK where I have an ever growing list. Still wondering if the one in Dorchester, UK is actually a kids learning museum and not for adults. I should look at places I want to stay soon as I need a list. Really don’t want to stay with the YHA again after the worlds worst snorer last time who was after ‘Beaches (bitches) and hoes’ it was the accent being South American. Him not me. Only advantage of being a party dude, he usually came home at 5am. There is some family tree research amongst the researching too and havnt done much to it.


I did have a centrelink thing to sort out that resulted in a small bill to pay with the DSP, but its not huge deal. Could have been a whole lot worse and it will be paid in time. I do like the idea if you don’t pay them it attracts interest, which could be the scary part.


Today it is official that I have passed my uni unit which was all the months of prep and research that has made me happy. June 2018 will take me as something too. I decided it was time after getting an email whether to resign or rejoin the marine rescue. Due to work commitments and study commitments I decided it was time to resign after 15 years. I no longer had the commitment as I could no longer put the time into being boat crew.

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