Study and getting closer to the degree

After what seems like six months of research and study for my independent research assignment, I am now one step closer to getting my bachelor degree in history through UNE. The full title is Bachelor in Historical Inquiry and Practice. It was actually really interesting working with a lecturer one on one, although there were ups and downs throughout the whole trimester. In the end I passed the assignment with 70%.

I can however say that it is great to get some weight off my shoulders and relax instead of going through records and books trying to find what I might need. A 5,000 word assignment is not an easy feat to accomplish at all. I did have some real clangers. I called a repository a suppository and that might be a bit difficult when you have a written assignment.

The interesting part was getting the lecturer to mark your assignment as you went with different drafts. He would ask for changes or change words that would make it sound better. The link to read the assignment is below as I blogged it. I did start off as doing an essay that ended up as a literature review on the advice of the lecturer. So good that I did so.

I had to sign a contract basically telling me what was expected from both of us and included the magical word ‘Preamble’. This included writing a progress report on what is expected. Included several phone calls from the lecturer. All simple really and I even got a week extension and I got the assignment in on time luckily.

I will always advocate studying part time and at home in your own environment. Don’t listen to people when they tell you that it would be easier on campus. You really do not need to even if they are apparently the top experts. You do what is comfortable and being at home is usually better especially if you work. Working from home means you never actually have to meet the other students in person, which can be a bonus. Don’t take too much on either. Working part time and studying part time is tough.

After being off the marine rescue boat for the last six months has given me the realisation that I can no longer act as a volunteer. Mainly for the reason I no longer have the time and am running myself ragged. After 15 years I think it is time. At the moment I am just working and saving money for a trip overseas, although other things tend to appear.



Literature review

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