Fun Uncle

With more contact with my nephews, I am doing my best to try and be the one who is fun to them. Sure I may spoil them a little bit like give them something like a Ninja Turtle suit even though I was expressly told not to do it. When told to do that I will actually follow the opposite route and just do it. Though I did try to be funny when my eldest nephew, Master 3 cried over getting a splinter out of his finger and no one still had it out. I grabbed an axe and asked if he wanted me to get it out. He really didn’t at that point. I am just happy that he is liking the Ninja Turtles as in the early TV series from the 1990s.

If it means contact with two nephews, I will be happy to be in their lives even if there were unfortunate events that had occurred in the past. I don’t always get contact as I am always working on weekends. Master several months old seems to be happy to watch the world around him and drool on the carpet. I wonder if he likes Paw Patrol or Ninja Turtles? Maybe he will love Land Before Time like I did as a kid. Turn him dinosaur mad and watch the horror from his parents.


Its getting close to my current unit at uni to end and I have changed to a literature review instead so will see how that goes. The end is coming. The only advice I would give to study is. Do it by correspondence as then you do not need to meet others in a university or be inconvenienced by not having a job to pay for your studies or living expenses. The ‘experts’ tell you that you need interaction, but do you really? I get it through my job. That’s enough. Its all easier to do things at your own pace and Part time.


A while back I was part of some research survey for a university about autism in Sydney and I decided to recently ignore the emails as I had lost interest in doing so. I am not worried if they lose someone from a survey group as they would always have someone else. Last I heard was they had not any contact in 24 months. Tis life and then you move on.

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