A nooth in a nook

This time of year is beginning to become really busy with work and other things that is called life. Life is a bunch of tokens you place into a machine like Pac-Man where you eat pills in a darkened room or is it that life is Twisted.


In the last month my bike has been for its first service in Brisbane and the funny thing was there seemed to be retired people buying Spyders. They know what they want. Then I had to have a tooth removed as it was dying as a cyst had formed. Lets say with the bike and the dentistry it was starting to become an expensive month. That was all in the same week and the first time ever that I had a tooth removed. No pain at all and was one of my baby teeth. It is a little awkward to eat some things, but I have eaten fingerbuns again. After the operation, which I had general antiesthetic, I had KFC for dinner. That was chips, popcorn chicken and potato and gravy. P&G was what I had after a major op in my teens. I recommend it as its better than jelly and custard. I now have a denture or does that mean I am in-dentured?


The biggest thing to occur is my research for university and that means a step closer to finishing my bachelor degree by the end of the year. I am free styling with my own research project involving New Zealand. That is the Militia, who were civilian soldiers and I need 5,000 words. I went overboard last November in collecting records from the National Archives in New Zealand. I had to secure a lecturer as well, which means phone chats. So far it has been one and the request for a literature review on the sources I am using. So far I am having a nice time chasing down other sources.


What are my plans for after my degree? No idea and I don’t have to pay of my HECS debt, which doesn’t have interest and I am happy for that. I do plan a trip overseas, but first a walk through the Milford Track as a celebration for finishing my degree. Then next year a trip around Europe visiting some museums and that includes the UK too for some family history. I prefer to travel on my own at my own speed.


It might only be the beginning of April, but I havnt actually seen very much about Autism Acceptance, Awareness, Appreciation, Tolerance, Trendy Month. Looking through the online local news in the mornings at breakfast there hasn’t been anything blowing or lighting up in various colours including puzzled people talking about the phenomenon. Maybe everyone is waving Aussie flags wanting gold medals at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. Maybe they are all asleep and the media is aware of other things that are more interesting like a bare bum in the opening ceremony or Camilla reading a book. Why don’t I share or say anything about the month? It’s a little bit tokenistic when we go back to sleep showing a token effort for something once a month when it should be year-round. I dont do group things and happy doing my own thing. I have enough on my plate with work and study.

Here is your ‘token’, spend it wisely this month.

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