Who supports who? Calling them out

While I was working, I had a thought that was about the Coles Quiet hour. I wondered how many statements, I could find from Advocacy groups within Australia that were in support of the Autism quiet hour. I thought I would at least come across blogs excluding mine, but Google either hides press reports when looking for them or the main groups have chosen to remain quiet. I am not looking on Facebook as there are just the usual news article shares. Not everyone is on FB or even actually follow the news online. I will say it here to start off with as I do want to be proved wrong on this topic and I will say so again further down.


I havnt done a thorough search to see what I can come across and I was excluding everything from Facebook. Some groups I knew had websites and one like the self advocacy group, I had trouble remembering the name of. All I could find was news articles and apart from ASPECT who is part of the whole thing there was nothing. Nothing from the ICAN Network, Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia, Australian Autism Asperger Network, Australian and New Zealand Autistic Self Advocacy Network are just for starters through a quick search. To say I am disappointed is an understatement, but I am beginning to think none of the Advocacy groups in Australia actually truly care. They seem to rather play on the Don Burke’s of the world by covering all the negativity. Maybe positivity is just ‘inspiration’ porn for these guys. I do not know the names of individual advocates within Australia as in the people so I do wonder if they actually support stuff like this or are they holding onto the negativity cards just to say ‘I told you so’.


Its been a couple of weeks and one Don Burke saga where nothing has happened. I would hazard a guess if it was Woolworths doing this then everyone would be over it like a rash or would there be the sound of silence? Maybe they are waiting for the whole thing to fail before these groups will crow about the failure in the system as it is what they really want. A huge fail. I do not know, but Looking on the websites there are no press releases or anything written. Maybe they need all their asses kicked into action due to their slackathon. Maybe they will tell me to stick my comments where the sun doesn’t shine and Clementine Ford will rocket me to the moon. No disrespect to her, but maybe she would love to take the subject on board. I would love to be told that they really do support this endeavour, but they have to be quiet for political reasons. Someone at least prove me wrong. Maybe they all need someone like me who is an actual outsider to point out their failings and maybe they need to list the stores in their specific regions.


I would love to see some officialdom for the Coles Quiet Hour or at least a little bit of support. ‘Nothing about us without us’ is starting to sound like a catch cry without doing anything or supporting real grassroot causes beneficial for all. I wonder if Autism Speaks leant their support towards this then people will wake up. Maybe someone should tell Coles to take the ‘Autism’ out of the quiet hour as maybe the community doesn’t really deserve such a thing and the general community is more deserving especially when there are people who would love not being blasted by anxiety inducing sensory overloading sounds that are not even on the Autism spectrum. I maybe a small minnow in a sea of discontent, but I have written about the Quiet Hour twice. Maybe the groups need to know that without the support of the people then they are actually nothing, but hollow shells.

One thought on “Who supports who? Calling them out

  1. You do have a very good point, Brad. Well, I support it, and I’ve voiced my support, but I am not an established organisation. Just an individual. Now that you’ve raised the question… Hmmm… I am wondering too.

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