Work with me

In my line of employment I have seen people come and go over the time I have been there. I work retail, specifically within a supermarket and part of a huge chain. It’s a great place to work, but I should point out that not everyone can hack working at the pace we have to work.


We have to work to a specific time frame which means within a shift you have to do more than one thing. In my shift I usually have to fill the freezer, fill milk and fill the ice if it is empty and talk to customers. Work cannot be left for the next day or else you have the snow ball effect and put people who are on the next day out as they have their own work to do. We are all supposed to be working to a certain carton rate per hour, just depends on what it is. Mostly it can be around 52 boxes, but can change.


I will be honest, I do not actually care about your ability. The only thing I care about is if you can get the work done or not. If you cannot do the work specified then, I actually don’t want you. I always know within a couple of weeks who the slow people are and the fast ones are. I should point out that I am not picking on you, I am making sure you keep the work up. If there is still work to be done and someone else has to jump in to help then we all know you are in need of help, which cannot always happen. If you do not turn up to work them everyone regards you as unreliable. That’s the whole reality of the situation.


This time of year makes it tough as it is the Christmas season where you have to work hard and fast especially with the amount of work that appears and the people wanting all sorts of stuff as it literally flies off the shelf. I tend to see people posting on pages about not working to your potential in regards to Asperger / autism. I have said it before and will always say it. The people who are posting online as blogs or talking about such nonsense at conferences are the ones holding everyone else back. I enjoy my job and they should let people do what they want, not what the ‘professionals / advocates’ want. My advice is don’t listen to half of what is said as they are usually paid and are promoting something for their agenda. I think I have covered two topics right here.

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