Paying Attention

It might be considered bad behaviour, but it is otherwise called trolling in person. I have done this for a while and no, I don’t care what others actually think half the time. I am an adult, but need to have some fun and also see what happens. It seems wherever you go that people are not really paying attention to their surroundings and I am one who like to put that to the test for my own enjoyment


On my last trip away I had to signal for a passing bus for it to stop. I noticed that the four other people at the stop were not paying attention, so I did not wave the bus down. I had thought they would, but the people just watched the bus go past. I don’t know if they commented, but I was smirking while listening to my music. I was happy to wait a little longer to get back into the city. Not my problem if others are not paying attention. We did get a bus around 20 mins later with more people who had arrived. An afternoon in Auckland when the school buses are doing their think makes for a busy trip.


In other places I have done similar like at airports when you see groups of people and you have a bag trolley, so you stop and start laughing when one of the people actually walks into you. It can be quite funny when they apologise when you were basically setting them up. Nothing new there and is a part of my life. People do cross the road looking at their phones and the least you can do is either step out of their way or see if they will look up in time to avoid walking into you. I have done this while in London when using my bags as a virtual battering ram as I look like a backpacker with bags hanging off me and people don’t seem to want to get out of your way.


What I do is if I have to look at my phone, then I step to the side and look at it so that I don’t get in the way of the human traffic. People seem to have their focus on other things in life.

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