Self diagnosis of The Don

I had always wondered what would happen when people self diagnosed themselves with Aspergers and / or Autism, when people flat out not welcome them to the fold. Turns out that day came during the week when Don Burke a celebrity gardener in Australia decided as part of his interview to drop the bomb shell that actually was like a balloon going flat that he had Aspergers. He later said that he self diagnosed himself due to some of the issues that resolved around the whole thing. While he thought he would be well received, it bit him in the ass mightily. The autism community seem to be great in that way. Be both welcoming and then with something not to their liking its basically instant death.


Something that I found amusing was the community is usually welcoming of any celebrity diagnosed officially or self diagnosed. I do wonder if Don had dropped the bombshell without the allegations against him, then the Autism community would open their arms to him. On one side I do see this a little hypocritical of the community for a reason as it’s a national sport to diagnose everyone and everything. Cats have aspergers apparently and so does Baron Trump and Putin from Russia. I think if it has legs then it will now have aspergers or autism to some people including that tree over there that looks shady. It also turns back onto the people with comments like ‘You know nothing about autism’.


It will be interesting to see what the so called self diagnosed crowd will do as they have been damaged by Don’s revelations. Are those people to be trusted or mocked for their mathematics? They get 2 plus 2 and equals five or six. Will the event still have people reluctantly diagnosing themselves or will there be a heap of people suddenly come to the revelation that they have Aspergers like Don does. Will people be fair game afterwards as the Autism community can be very unforgiving, but all over the place. I do wonder what the thoughts of those watching on from their Ivory towers. Will people come out and say criminals who were convicted and such are not autistic as obviously an autistic person could not have done that? I think I did see something along the lines during the week and I cannot remember who wrote it.


My response at the time was ‘Bullshit’ and now just ‘meh’ as it doesn’t impact my life. Maybe Don would become an honorary member of the Autism community later down the track, not that I have a crystal ball or anything. I do wonder if there will be more regulation amongst the autism community over diagnosing Godzilla and King Kong as soon it will become very silly. I don’t support Don for what he has said, but I bet it caused an uproar throughout the entertainment industry and Autism community both. I am kind of Chaotic Neutral on any issue as fallouts within the autism community doesn’t have any impact on my life and I am very fortunate for that.


Next issue: Motocyclists dont have autism as they can manipulate fine motor skills to ride a bike on a road and autistic people cannot do that.

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