Click, and it is gone, click marks back

With a click of a button my last assignment for this year at university has been sent off into the land beyond for marking. This assignment is something different. It is totally out of my comfort zone. It is actually a research proposal for a subject I want to learn more about and between now and February next year I will be gathering information and it wont be easy at all.


Next year marks the year that I will have a degree once I finish my last two subjects. One a major research subject of my own choice and an elective. I would then be the holder of a Bachelor degree that goes by the name of, Bachelor of Historical Inquiry and Practice. No idea if it means I could include BA or something in my name. At the moment it means I should give a little attention to my other blogs through the group Tangaroa G33K as they havnt really been used for a little while. My next trip away, I will use my travel blog and also throw some more cemeteries up onto my Youtube channel. That is if they have not changed things again. I think it might be time to start monetising everything with adverts.


One of the things I havnt done in a while is play computer games. I am still on Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. I went old school with the Red Alert / C&C franchise. I am a fan of Fallout, but not played the latest one actually. I have been catching up with the comic books though while writing my research proposal. That’s a good thing about libraries. They sometimes have the latest goodies to read.


As to what happens once I have my degree, no idea. I happen to have a Cert IV in IT through Tafe, although university trumps that with my Bachelor degree. I have never actually used my IT skills other than to build a computer. Could be useless, but a degree in history could prove to be worth more. Will I stay with blogs or end up in a career outside of Coles? Will I head to something further onto future study? I have no ideas, but it does not really matter, not yet anyway as I could hit on something interesting once I have completed my huge research project. I believe by writing something about the New Zealand Wars, specifically the role of the Militia and Volunteers within Auckland during the 1860s might actually open doors. I had come up with research ideas that could have had me writing about the Kauri Gum digging industry or even Conscription in New Zealand during WW1.


The finish of uni is one big goal and throughout the whole thing, I have not even said one word about Aspergers to get extra help. I have received help from many friends, but I do believe asking for help because of Aspergers might be something that gets me classes as people seeing a label instead of me. Its why I don’t mention it in real life from volunteering or employment. It is the furtherest thing from my mind. I have said that before though many times. If I had been hanging around them all the time, then I might change my mind, but its all a choice people have to make. I just throw around the no smell and taste part. That is more cooler than Aspergers. Think, I cannot smell what that person ate, nor taste what they ate if you kiss them. I couldn’t tell if anyone was a smoker until they say something.

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