Memories of a friendship lost

I think its around now that I have had my beastly bike close to 5 years now and I have owned it outright for most of that time including after meeting a taxi and not having baby taxis. Isnt that what happens when you hit something from the rear end?

I am getting closer to the end of my degree. I by this time have around a year left to complete it. So far I have learnt many lessons, which include not using text speech as part of my writing as I consider this now to be the easy way out and lazy. The world has actually opened up far more to myself than people have realised. I now see places like cemeteries and historic locations as places to visit much more than shops, which I used to wander around to when I was on holidays. So study has made my world something more special than people have realised and opened up more in the way of interests, although I tend to look at book stores more.


I have been focusing more on becoming financially flush these days as I invest more money into shares as I want to make sure I have no real problems with my financials and being at Coles for just over 10 years means everything is good even if Shoppergeddon is coming (Christmas)


Ex friend memory

I was at work yesterday thinking about a falling out I had with a friend around two years ago. They didn’t like the attitude of another friend who was in Australia to complete her PHD. The reason was she thought my friend doing her PHD was a bad influence who was encouraging me. It got to the point where the lady basically gave me an ultimatum against my friend, Dawn. It was basically that I should unfriend her on Facebook as she was not a nice person. What that friend didn’t know was that I had for quite some time been communicating with Dawn and another within a group we called The Amigos. The soon to be ex friend found I did not share her views and supported my friend, Dawn. The thing was I had met them both in person as it wasn’t a just FB, online only relationship. The soon to be ex friend for some reason started running a campaign of some sort to point out how bad the other person was.


I did choose and I chose to stand by my better friend, Dawn as I not only knew her better and spoke on a very regular basis, more so than the other one. It did show me the value of true friendship as I had seen people siding with the other person, although my friend, Dawn was not a friend online at all so would not have known what was happening. I did see some friends vanish or stop talking to me, but it proves that just like a divorce. These things can get out of hand and no one seems to ask the other side for their version of the story either. I know Dawn would have seen the funny side of it all if she knew what had actually been happening, but it wasn’t worth going on about. I know I have touched on this person on a blog some time back. Once I had blocked them from viewing anything on my wall they had told me that I had mental problems and needed help. I do not think that losing this friendship was a bad thing. I actually think they were more toxic than anything else and it had taken a while for me to realise.



I do not actually have a bad attitude to be honest, I am as I have always been outspoken, cheeky and always for giving people a hard time. You can tell something like this about me especially in the workplace. People don’t always realise that I give as good as I get. I have been at my workplace for just over 10 years now and I tend to laugh at every few blog posts about manners and how you should be within the workplace. I do guess they have not worked in retail ever. I swear some people tell you that you have to be a robot. I just tell people I am anti social. I am mature and do the work so that means my actions are tolerated compared to someone who slacks off. I treat everyone the same and I do not care if someone has problems with the work. They will know what I think.

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