Communication annoyances

There are times when having to communicate with anyone just becomes annoying. I do not mean the autism type muteness non communication periods, which I do accept from many friends who have their times when they do not want to or cannot talk.


I get paid to communicate through work, which is understandable and it gets annoying at certain times. I tend to walk the dog with headphones on as I do not want to talk and people have told mum they have given up in trying to talk to me as I do not speak. I do wonder if people realise I have headphones on, which means I do not reply as I cannot hear them.


I know some people who are obsessive over motorbikes and while they are good friends, it just gets annoying when they have to talk to people who are staring at my bike. My thing is I wont talk because I actually do not want to and am actually ignoring the people who are staring at my bike. I have better things to do. I could say this is part of being rude and not having manners, but that is who I am.


Its part of the reason why I found it to be really great when mum went on holidays for two weeks and I had no communication from other family members as it was so quiet. I am like this when I go on holidays too as there are days when I only speak to someone serving me in a store or café and that is it. It could be because I am older these days especially my mid 30s and keeping people at arms length. I do find I am communicating less and less on social media, although I am liking Instagram more for the pictures.


It does make me happy that I no longer have to be part of the ‘official’ Autism world as someone who was part of a committee as it was just annoying and I never actually learnt anything nor am I really part of that world. It was actually very easy to slip out like I was never there. I find the people who were part of it are in it for themselves and not really wanting to listen to others or speak for others, other than themselves. My advice is be yourself and talk to whoever you want. The ‘official’ committee stuff was only online and never had real world implications, which is my view so nothing in my world actually changed.

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