University, research and holidays, but not all at once.

It is that time of year again for me. University study is nearly finished for the year and I am close to be going on holiday again. This year isn’t any different other than part of my course was to create a personal research project from scratch. The subject also leads to the next course I have to undertake and that is a personal research project with the research that I have created from scratch especially with a research proposal. I had to write a literature review as well and got some decent marks for it even though I did change my subject four days before the assignment was due.


Wanting to research a part of New Zealand as it was the entire reason for studying at a university with Australian history subjects. I had written about death records before like how people got inheritance and follow that several generations. New Zealand is interesting in that regard. The beginning of the course, I had wanted to write about Conscription in NZ during WW1, Gum digging in New Zealand or something in regards to the New Zealand Wars. The lecturer expressed interest in Conscription with a suggestion for contacting another lecturer about a New Zealand Wars subject. The response came back with the NZ wars was a huge subject and choose one area. I found my area and wrote about it in the literature review. I did have to find academic sources, Primary sources from an archive centre and I had books on the subject. Now I am working on the research proposal that is due very soon on my topic of choice on the New Zealand Wars.


This leads me right to my holiday to New Zealand. Its going to be a research holiday visiting Archives in Wellington and Auckland along with several libraries. A three week break with getting research ready for next year with the final hard push to finish my university studies completely and to get my Bachelor degree. I am looking forward to my trip away as I start in Queenstown, head to Christchurch and go through another highway to Picton after the earthquake last year blocked the coastal route that takes less time to travel. I had wanted to see what that alternative route would be like. Then to Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland. I think I can get my work done without a problem and still have time to be a tourist.


I think I upset a family member online as I have never met them, but I became annoyed with them and basically projected my annoyance at another family member onto them. The family member has since been in contact and since its social media aka Facebook and the person now only talks via messenger, although I do not tell them much at all. I tend to keep all people that I dont know well at arm’s length with limited information. I seem to meet some strange people online and had one guy recently send me 4 emails within hours after thinking I never received them. I explained I work weekends and was too tired to reply. He hasn’t replied since and been a week. I think I jinxed myself there.


Work at the moment now has another trained checkout person and I am not worried about this, I prefer working in the dairy dept. I am not that great a people person as I am not that great a conversationalist. You see a person for two mins or more and there are usually many people. I need to concentrate on what I am doing especially with my lack of fruit and vege knowledge. I have met some interesting people and the only anger I get is from some who think I should be in the cold department and that I should be left alone.


As to what I want to do once I finish my degree. I have not worked that one out. I know study has made me write betterer. I no longer use text speak as I did when I first started. I know I want to travel and go away for a bit. Head to Europe and see what happens by the time I finish. I am creating myself a great share portfolio with what I think would be some shares that I think will be very helpful for my future. I tend to watch and see where some go. I have written a list of what I would like and targeted the ones that I can reinvest in. Its my future and I want that to be secure and not rely on others.


I have bought a new bike helmet and was something I needed. I even seen a Marvel Comics Venom one and a Start Wars Kylo Ren helmet. Too bad they were out of my price range

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