Ping goes the machine at the deep end

Beep, Beep The total is .. How do you want to pay?


I have been after 10 years in my job at a local supermarket been given checkout training. I was actually thrown in the deep end with a little bit of help, but the deep end it was. Its not so bad when you know just about everything has a barcode except for things like Fennel. Those things should be stuck in a funnel somewhere. The very first person, the very first time I stood at the counter a Fennel crossed my path and I had no idea what it actually was. It didn’t go beep and I had no knowledge of this plant thing. Luckily people know what it was and I could look it up on my screen. That is if you know the name of the product. I have had to on a few occasions ask what things were and sometimes I get the answer of 30 cents. Helpful, but not helpful. Though when it comes to a Swede then now I know, but I had always thought a Swede was from Sweden. Not anymore.

I don’t worry about being thrown in the deep end with no ideas as that is what usually happens. I just do it as it’s a waste of time complaining. For 10 years I have avoided this job, but it has been enjoyable, although I don’t smile crazily, I’m more concentrating on the beep, beep, beep. I soon learnt how to use a conveyor belt after I wondered why it didn’t work and I got people to push their stuff down. I hear about the Angry ones or the grumpy ones, although I know they are not myth, but they somehow have not come through to me yet. That is the nature of the workplace. I survived and learnt money handling skills while I am at it.


I could play Monty Python with the machine that goes ‘Ping’, but I think that just means I have not been trained on the machine that says ‘Ping’ yet. By the way what is that red chili like object? Its a redcap mushroom that Mario likes to eat. At least I havnt had to call price check on those condoms yet. I think those are mythical as I have not seen them, but they sit on the shelves.

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