Shaping up to a good time with Shapes

I am nearing the end of my degree and have three subjects left, one of which I have already started so once this one has finished then I will have two. This means once I have completed the whole lot, it means I would have achieved the goal of completing a Bachelor of Historical Inquiry and Practice. I did jump from a smaller Advanced Diploma to this one as I thought a Bachelor would be better. The other reason was I happened at the time to be avoiding a unity about Family in History. The lecturer scared me, but I have completed it and will include the link to that family history essay I ended up writing.


What I am studying at the moment is to prepare myself a proposal that flows onto the next subject, which is doing a whole research assignment that is around 6,000 words. That would mean I would have one elective after that and one degree finished by hopefully the end of next year. The plan after that is to make plans for an overseas trip away in a European summer.


Seems to be the thing around this time of year. Work rosters change again. The whole company is shifting so it should be interesting to see what changes actually occur. Instead of finishing at midnight, I now finish work at 10pm and still work Sundays, which is what I want, but start earlier. Seems I will be doing some work on the checkouts as well. After 10 years with Coles, I finally end up doing something I have been trying to avoid.I am going to be a checkout chick on the cash registers. We shall see if this actually happens or not.


I did mention that it would be hard and the boss got me a good one. He said I am going to university so it wouldn’t be that hard. I didn’t have a comeback as it’s the truth. Also I have many fans at work because I work hard and people love that. I have been hearing that from others for a while. I know I work hard as I want the hours at work and that gains respect. We are no longer team members, but shapes. No I couldn’t be a triangle as it’s the wrong shape.

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