Awareness, Bewareness, Acceptance and Tiddlywinks

Recently it has been an interesting time with plenty happening and to top it off it seems to be that time of year when Autism seems to be on everyones agenda except mine. It is actually way far, far away this year as I have lost interest in that side of thing and doing it all for myself, plus I have other things I have to have awareness with around the time of April.


Recently we have been hit hard in the local area with a huge flood event that has wiped out many town, although I have been pretty lucky here as where I live had not been hit with the flood events that places just down the road had like Murwillumbah. Also I have had to deal with the repercussions of not following my training within the Marine Rescue to the point where I was given the hard word or as everyone else puts it. Ultimatums as to which department I am to stick with as it was either staying with the radio room or the boat crew. I kinda failed a huge on the spot test that I should have known, but had neglected and panicked. You can focus on one or the other, but not both anymore. Harsh, but needed especially when put simply lives could be in danger.


Closing in on the finishing ribbon with uni means another thing apart from work and volunteering, I am going gangbusters with everything. Apart from doing all this and wondering if I should be doing anything for April Awareness or Acceptance as many are calling it, although autism wearing my shorts, playing bongo drums and drinking Orange juice is actually as far as the reading about this time of month will entail. It has only been the online community doing anything and if there was something in the Real world then it’s a huge wind tunnel. Being older, I know I can say I don’t want to be part of it if I don’t want to be. A group I think I am still part of usually says something about the month, but this year actually stayed pretty quiet, so I think the committee thing must be long overdue to drift into obscurity and just leave the FB page, not that I visit it anymore since I am no longer the adminion.


What is there for the rest of this auspicious month? First aid course and being trained to use a defibrillator. I say and do what I always do, but life is far better than going ‘on air’ for a radio program or ‘writing’ articles for magazines. If you want to be aware of an autistic person or accept them, how about you talk to the individuals that waft around. You don’t have to know they have a condition unless they tell you and its their way of being accepted. They don’t have to shout from the roof tops or use cattle prods unless you are just a face in one of the larger groups then you can shock them. I like being called weird or odd or just eccentric and that gives an eventual opening to say you are this or that.

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