Groups and Committee Dynamics


After gaining some insight recently through a friend who is part of a large group that is involved within some heavy projects that do involve plenty of people it made me think about my past experiences and thoughts on what probably could happen in groups to make them a touch better. There are many things that can be done and provided for especially depending on the group and maybe change the way they actually run steering into a new direction. Don’t mind me if I end up all over the place as I tend to describe the types of people in the groups and what the fearless leaders of said group could do.


In my time I have seen people who are the heads try to rapidly grow their group only to fall down and go quiet for a long time. I believe they shouldn’t try to over extend themselves as the work they do creates financial stress and impacts greatly on their health and well being. If people are to do such a thing then maybe instead of trying to be a national group they change the focus to their immediate area and also route the committee they have to do the same thing. That way when they know they have enough support they can extend themselves further. Social media is a great way to do things, but people have to understand that not everyone who says they want to attend an event will actually attend for one reason or another including forgetting even if they come across as being enthusiastic. It could be like someone falling off a bike only to get a second wind to recover and keep on peddling hard into the future until they hit another speed bump and happens again unless they do their own stunts while going over it.


Committee members who end up being on a gazillion groups and actually forget they are actual members to such groups should actually be avoided as they just want to be part of everything even when they have no clue what so ever about the topic such as motorcycles or Stock Cars. Its like they want to collect groups to be a committee on and then get hit with controversy when they wonder what happened, but cannot remember where they happen to be or what hat they are supposed to be wearing. Then there are the people who like being part of a committee and vanish after a while into the wilderness and no one knows what they are doing once in the wild. They seem to be the background picture that is always moving, but trying to sail against the wind to see what happens for the fun of it.


The belief that the committee members only want to do things online instead of the real world should be viewed as something of a worry. That does include when the group is needed to do things in person. If everything is online then it is only just the one or two enthusiastic people doing whatever it is while the rest take credit once it has been a success.  I once met up with several people who were part of the same group when in a regional city and the people were actually only being nice because you were part of said group, but you could tell they were not that interested. Also expected you to talk to some politician, but I said it wasn’t my job and they were there for some other person not a no body. In a way it sounds more like showing off or used as some form of bargaining chip for the politician to say they met people and quite a few of them the next time they visit their office or parliament. You can imagine the conversation along the lines of ‘They didn’t have cake’.


Groups can be an interesting thing to look at as the personalities can  all be different with similar goals in mind even if they do not work out or even a few people who are just happy to watch on the side lines to see what happens especially in the future as books are opened and the pages turn to show what is going to come next just like any thriller. A new book may open or a chapter might be written, who knows. Groups just have a strange dynamics that have to have egos stoked like coals in a fire and plenty of pats on the head.

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