Fly, fly away – another trip away

(In case you maybe familiar or unfamiliar with my other blogs, I have posted this one with my other blogs)

My annual trip away has come around pretty fast, although this year I have squeezed in two big trips away and that I am happy for. Another trip to New Zealand with the accidental addition of a fourth week means I will be away longer than I had expected, but is well worth going.


So far I have sorted out my travel itinerary, my Ipod and have fresh batteries in my main camera. Every chargable that needs charging will be charged before I go away. I have updated my family tree info in case family need some of that while I am on the road. The books and magazines that I want to take with me have been selected. The last of the trips have been booked especially since I am planning to visit White Island an active volcanic Island. The research points I am wanting to look up have been found so will see what happens when I visit the archives.


Usually I have sorted out my packing by now, but this time I have not. I will do that Saturday night just in time for the Monday flight so everything will be busy from then until the morning when I fly out. At least I will hopefully miss the storms unlike last time that delayed up at the airport.


Many of the locations I have booked to stay, I have not been to before like Gisborne and Huntly. I am hoping to make a trip out to South Auckland if I do have the time to do so. I am still running on the theme of the New Zealand Wars, but will keep an eye on anything not listed by DOCs. The reason for Huntly is that I have used Auckland as a stop many times and wanted to stay somewhere else. A rough looking place that used to have coal mines and has a museum that I heard is worthy to visit.

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