One hour proxy: Juxtaposing a Near Finished the kitchen


The Blank Canvass

I think the magical word of the day would be one hour. The thought bubble theatre is one hour to get things done and I am powered by wishful thinking. I shall use the word Juxtapose randomly here so I can have Juxtaposition in a blog that has no meaning whatsoever in the blog itself  of quantifiable quandary data links



Nearly a kitchen

The kitchen putting together actually took longer than I had expected. What I thought would be a one day job with everything being put together and Bob is your uncle. Turns out the one day was a two day job that included a plumber in the morning and the same guy was supposed to come back after I called him. Turns out I have a different interpretation to a carcass being installed. The plumber did come back out on a Friday afternoon to connect the hot water and for his troubles received several beers from the fridge so he could have something cold as a thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty.



Laying down tiles

Usually on the Friday, I would have a shift at work, but a roster change meant that particular Friday I had off. The pain in the butt part was I had come off a midnight finish at work so couldn’t really go back to sleep, could I with everyone working from a plumber to the kitchen guy. The kitchen man came back on the Monday to finish most of the work that had not been done on the Friday. We discussed work and that the pollies had no clue about people who worked physical labour outside of those in a cushy office as retirement was being put up all the time. I did wonder for a little bit what would happen if I told a tradie they could not use the loo in the house, but there would be some out there that would be told. I wouldn’t not even as a joke, or would I? The only thing the kitchen really needed now was for the bench tops to be installed and it would all be over or so I had hoped.



The main devices are installed

I soon learnt Tuesday would be another busty day at home with even more tradies hanging around. This time the kitchen was being tiled and for a job that I also thought would be a couple of hours turned into a full day job too. They would return the next day for the grouting, but the tiles looked excellent making the whole kitchen and dining area look like a real kitchen dining area. The entire time I had been reading, surfing the net looking for research, which I found and plundered a brick wall that I did have. I found an article in New Zealand too that I had not been looking for, but found  I was the baby sitter and making sure the trades people got their job done and if anyones fantasies played out it would have been a movie.



The tiles are looking great with a table too

Playing on the one hour theme of people staying and trading for a little while was actually becoming a thing. Another Friday morning where I had come off a midnight shift and walked the dog early in the morning, while waiting for the sparkies to do their job. I wasn’t worried, but I thought an hour, an hour and their job would be done. Nope not done at all as the power was switched off and several hours later they were off after installing a skylight exhaust fan for the stove. They thought my computer was running, but I had my books so all was good with me, although I was wanting some sleep before I headed anywhere near work that night. I started at 1pm and thought 40 mins nap would help after they left. It helped and I was happy that I had done my civic duty and made sure miss barks a lot wasn’t trying to chew the legs off any tradies. I was actually worried she would sneak out through the back gate that was left open for the kitchen guys to bring their bulky kitchen stuff through.


We have been able to put the oven, microwave and the fridge back into the now working kitchen. With the benches will come the sink and the cook top so we can then be cooking proper meals inside. We actually had pies and chips for the first time out of the new kitchen and the dining table looks really nice in place too. There were some small electrical issues that were fixed from a previous person, but has all turned out to be really good. Soon the lounge will be tiled the same too.

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