End of times for kitchens and study

I have finish uni for the year today so I wont be going back to my study until Feb next year. Doesn’t mean I wont be doing anything else. I have a research assignment that is around 6,000 words and I have to choose that subject really soon as it will be amongst the last subjects I study before I get my degree.


In the mean time I have a holiday to plan. Going to New Zealand for 4 weeks just before Christmas or as I the retail worker like to call it… Shoppergeddon. While I am away I will have marked the time that I have been working for the company for 10 years. My plan for my next trip is going to be travel with research especially since its New Zealand and I did accidentally give myself 4 weeks instead of 3 weeks so now I have to sort out where I want to go in that time


I have changed the name of my blog as I don’t think calling it an Aspie blog gets me very far and that it isn’t really one from the beginning at all, so I rebranded it. I havnt done anything in the Aspie world for over a year now and is actually really good not having to do committee meetings especially since I now work nights. It was a pain when I tried that in New Zealand pissing people off in the hostel room and the wifi dropping out. No one has said they miss me in the community nor has anyone in the ivory towers of the Aspie / autism world who are only in it for themselves and outraged over all subjects, but never get input from others to be outraged about.


I did delete a person that I thought was a complete idiot on FB recently. I called him out when he told me to Remember that the Battle for Long Tan / Vietnam was an invasion. Though I basically shut him down and then deleted him. He kept complaining about the names of the university units I was studying and would not let go of the ignorance after I told him to do some research. I am better off without people like that even if they were the type that was protecting the war, I have a feeling he was the type that throws things at and abuses service personnel after that conflict. An anti everything sort of person. One thing that really annoyed me was the uneducated parroting of my uni friends who was giving advice. As the song says let it go, let it go! Afterwards I did think I could have mocked the person, but I doubt they would have understood.


I know this trip will mean more books and I am wanting to do a research project on Gum digging in New Zealand. Before that happens my grandfather is coming for a trip and I think I should start doing an oral history thing with him as he has led an interesting life, which includes Monaco and the Melbourne Olympics as a builder. I am going to be visiting some other cousins I am hoping especially ones that I have met before. I havnt really spent much time with those guys on the farm and think it would be pretty cool. The good thing is its not in the middle of summer where the heat will kill me. Something weird to say about New Zealand, but February was bloody hot. November wont be I hope. Hopefully there will be no last minute changes that are out of my control while I am there especially if those occur on the day.


Before all that happens I will be watching a whole new kitchen be installed and see what happens in the mean time. So far we have had the sparky fix a bodgy job from the time before when the gas was installed as one power point turned all the power in the kitchen off instead of one powerpoint. Though I want to see what the tiles are like when they finally go down. Mum has actually done most of the job herself, which is cool.


Since I am now using Instagram I am thinking of strategic places to park my bike. Plus I found another cemetery near Dutton Park to visit in Brisbane.

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