Powered Kitchen of the powerless

I am back with plans for my next long adventure to New Zealand. One plan where I have to wait until I have finished my studies for the year and then I can plan to begin Plus I have to figure out detail behind a major research project, but that isn’t this topic as it’s a continuation of the Kitchen saga.



Was a kitchen

The kitchen this morning had the power fixed, where the hot water did not work last night. No hot water meant I had a cold shower. The problem was the wiring as one set of wires was disconnected and rendered the entire kitchen dead. Mum was able to sort out her work, which we shouldn’t say much about. Shhh.



No longer the sink

I was able to have a warm shower where I suds myself up with a soapy washcloth, but a warm shower before heading off to work for the day. It was needed and then I came home to a not kitchen. The rest had been pulled apart so everything is now in the garage next to my bike.


You could say there was a minor hitch as we have a little water leak, but the main water is off until a plumber can sort that out. Nothing is really that bad and more changes to the kitchen today. I like this ever evolving journey.


As a post script note: It has been a year and half since I am no longer on the Disability Support Pension through work. I work too many hours and am happy to get over that hurdle.

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