The changes of the kitchen

The outsider has started writing again, although university has nearly finished for the year and I am in the midst of other things happening in life too.



Home of the outsider

At the moment there has been changes afoot and nothing like the world’s greatest detectives cannot piece together. The game as they say it is afoot, but the biggest change is the kitchen. A year ago at least the kitchen at home was slated to be remodelled and the time came quickly.



Before most things were pulled out

To save some money mum and I are pulling the old kitchen out while wearing OH&S ready thongs. These safety footwear are requirements for any building suite. We just grunt when things are dropped onto out bare toes and we are the strong unlike those who have their toes covered. I couldn’t actually bothered to put shoes on and started off wearing slippers until they became too hot.



OH&S Footwear

Mum has been chipping at the tiles and organising a tiler. In the mean time I have been working and getting home to see more work done on the demolition. Around two weeks out and the work has been half done without any pressure if you know what I mean. A skip arrived during the week so that I started throwing things out like the tiles and the other kitchen stuff that goes into a skip. I nearly get bonked on the head by a loose cabinet that held the pantry together partially. I expertly made it hit the bench.



When things fall down

Don’t worry not everything has gone to plan. The bulkhead that we left on the roof with the cornices decided they wanted to depart this dear world by falling apart and onto the floor. The jug and the toaster narrowly avoided a death by falling heavy things that made us jump while watching TV. Can you imagine, no COFFEE in the morning? Saturday night was found that cold showers was in order as somehow the power was cut off to the kitchen. I love a cold soapy sponge after work with the soap suds growing and popping on my glistening skin….. I am going too far. Not a big problem and hopefully no cold showers for a week. Can I go several days without a shower? Too bad a blog doesn’t come with smell or sentient towels.



It all falls down

I cannot wait to see the kitchen as we have no oven to cook, nor no cooktop. Every kitchen device is hidden in the garage with my lonely bike. I can eat meals while cooking on the bike. It shall be amazing to have a functional kitchen. We do however have a microwave and the faithful Aussie beauty the BBQ.


Now thats what I call a tile


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