Picky and choosy, thoughts of underworld reputations and autism


Several weeks ago I watched a story on 60mins in Australia on Roberta Williams and her family about revelations of Carl Williams the underworld figure. I was thinking it was a fluff piece at the time though I have no idea if they just wanted to show a different side to the man people feared. They did mention Roberta’s son who has autism and that had me thinking. Random thoughts that I have and will run with.


I did wonder several things about the reputation of the family and how the autism community would react. I do wonder if the people who praise and chant for inclusion would include the family or would they push them away all because of a reputation. For the autism communities sake I do hope they include the family or else they might all be seen as probably being choosy about who should join them and who cant exactly like an exclusive club. It will be interesting to see how divided people actually are especially in the future.


No matter the fearsome past reputations of people I think the autism community should be accepting. The future will tell us and the boy should be part of the community and not pushed away, but not being part of the community might be healthy too especially if people get nasty. You don’t hear anything about the family very much and hopefully not in the headlines often.

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