Full price the cost of a concession: a liberating story

It has been some months since the concession card with the DSP had expired and I am happy to say the sky has not fallen nor have I met a Skye yet. Paying full price or adult type fare for things like public transport and medications might seem weird as a type of celebration, but to me it is. I do find something very simple to be very liberating. There is no longer the embarrassment of having to show the concession card for transport or even for medication and that triumph came today. I mentioned it and they replied they already knew as they looked at the system and that was a huge relief when filling my script.


I recently travelled to Sydney where I paid full fare with my Opal card and I was happy for that and all I needed was my self without a concession card to say disability. The trip was almost like a celebration tour through the city. I have won my freedom and earnt it from getting money from the government. Not that it was necessary a bad thing. It was my one goal to get off that and I have been for the last year and the concession card has since ceased. I do miss the extra money, but not so much anymore.


It just means now I can concentrate on other things in my life like my study and work. I havnt had much to do with or actual interaction with the autism community for some months, which actually makes me really happy. The name of my blog actually suggests everything correctly as I do feel like an outsider in the autism world. I just follow my own path regardless and fly under the radar. My study is something that I should truly concentrate on along with my history blogs. I don’t see the aspie blog going real far in the real world other than expressing my thoughts and that is still pretty cool with me.

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