Pauline Hanson and the autism community

Australia has had their say with the voting system for the federal election and one of those seems to be Pauline Hanson known for such phrases as ‘Please Explain’ and ‘I don’t like it’. She is one of those people that is against many things and that includes the link between vaccinations and autism.


I am not writing an angry post about her views, but the autism community at large should consider her a threat not just her views, but wonder what organisations that she could become linked to such as Autism Speaks in America. I would say the autism community including those who are advocates in Canberra should approach her on her views and educate. If that is what needs to be done other than burying heads in the sands of time saying we do not talk to anti vaxers etc. It is time to do that before she might suddenly call for a commission into autism or have a register of some sort. None of us would know what sort of person she is. We don’t know if she will throw her weight behind the NDIS calling people in that out. She might be busy with her other pet projects.


You never know, she might be willing to listen to those who are adults. The best way I think to combat her is to make her a patron of an autism group and then she has to look at what happens. The time has come to confront her in person on reasonable terms without malice. Like people such as Andrew Bolt they feed off angry people and might be really nice if you are reasonable. Someone might ask why I don’t do exactly that. I don’t have the clout to take on someone like that nor the experience / knowledge to back myself up. She needs someone to correct in a calm manner and not the way I do see some people do it. Pauline is one person people should be keeping a close eye on and making sure that anything she says is corrected and checked. She will be in parliament for the next three or so years and there would be many others just like her lurking in the background that will become a force to reckon with.


Will we have an autism community united or divided? Will the future be guaranteed that we be left alone or have guidance that we cant get rid of? She isn’t a person you can ignore and laugh off anymore especially when she has the balance of power. I will watch from the side lines to see what happens.

Something to think about

Is she really the dragon we think she is? Was she only getting angry so people would vote for her? Who are the people giving her expert advice? Will Australia stake steps backwards or forwards? What is her thoughts on everyone with autism including the groups and organisations? Will she want a commission into the diagnostic procedures? What other disability groups would she be looking at?



Rethink on NDIS autism strategy


Hanson says vaccines may cause autism


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