The Midnight Shift



The work roster has changed in the last couple of days. In the last 10 years I have been working for the same company, my roster has morphed into something of a continuous change that can be annoying, but sometimes hard to remember. I have gone from day shifts in the last couple of weeks until this week, which is the next evolution. I now finish work at midnight instead of around 7pm at night. The weekends are the only time I stay during the week.I knew it was coming so did not have too much to worry about. I might not like doing it, but life is not meant to be fair.


Last week I was told I would be transitioning to having days off at the end of the week and this week it changed back to my usual days off. I have not lost anything at all, but have in fact gained a whole lot more. I don’t mind at all either way and is part and parcel of having a job. I am really a nightfiller now who works in the dairy. Luckily it is winter or else I would melt in the heat of summer wearing a thermal under my uniform if I end up in the grocery department.


Finishing work at midnight makes me think of two movies, The Graveyard Shift (Book as well) and Razorback. Those are the thoughts I had on the way home last night. Although the night before there was a thong sitting behind my bike. The footwear type not the butt muncher one. If I had something like that then I would want a note with a number. The thong had me think of Cinderella, but with a Aussie twist being a bogan.


I will use the time from now to when I go back to university to get used to the new shift times. This way I will know how to get the best out of my study. I have figured I get up early to walk the dog and go back to bed for an hour or so. That way I will feel loads better. That is my theory anyway.




Graveyad Shift



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