Dating is liking an avocado

After listening to a podcast through ABC RN that I had downloaded to my Ipod while I was walking the dog. All great thoughts begin with walking the dog. I had the thought that it had really been since around 2010 since I was last really involved with someone.


That was by distance though, the UK is a fair distance and it did not really work out as we were very different people and while I had the thought to move over there, I did not really entertain the thought of moving from a warm climate to something where you would get very, very cold in winter. I am happy not to have gone through all that as I would have been back within weeks. I rather stay where I am and did learn about people being different.


I did have a sort of date two years later, but that was in Sydney with an interesting lady who lived in Mt. Druitt. The area has a reputation and that is all I will really say about that other than nothing happened. It is a whole different world down there especially when you travel out west from the city.


Something from the podcast struck me as people used to think going steady or long term relationships were bad for you and going with several people was actually the norm. I like the idea a bit and it could be easier in some strange way. The world is ever evolving and things might turn back to what was once popular


I am in no way desperate or dateless as I have fingerbuns and pretty sure the epic sideburns would scare some people off. That and the angry blank type look I have might give people ideas that I am someone to avoid. Being with someone would mean getting close to them and I am pretty sure I would be the one bolting in the other direction. It was a bit of fun just looking on websites like RSVP and Cupid. I have found many robots instead of real people and others when I fished that did not really know where I was exactly.


If someone comes along then I will re evaluate where they should be in my life if not then they will be thrown onto the scrapheap of the many people I have forgotten about after deleting them from Facebook. I could go as far to say Singledom is for me and it means life is easier without attachments like kids or an other in my life. Some would say, yes I do need someone and others will just wait and watch to see what happens.




Labour of love: a history of dating

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