Navigating a supermarket



I may work in a supermarket, but I have recently heard of some novel ways of getting around them especially when you are a shopper. I would not say this advice would just fit one group of people, but many out there especially the group who hate the shops or shopping.  I will throw out some tips anyway as they are helpful on occasion.


1) Store maps are useful especially when they have the aisle numbers. I have heard of people sorting out their shopping venture by looking at a map and knowing which aisle to visit and avoiding the others.


2) If something doesn’t appear on the aisle list you have then it would be easy if you knew what category the product you are searching for might be. For example distilled water is used for laundry purposes. It will be usually with the laundry detergents or even flour be with the baking stuff.


3) Know the times the shop open and closing. If you are avoiding people then you might want to know such times as when school breaks up for the day. Wet days do mean shops of all sorts would be busy along with school holidays. The quieter times can be close to when the shop is closing.


4) A no brainer, but check the specials as they might be cheaper than what you are actually after.


5) Avoid shopping around 15 mins before the shop shuts. Allow enough time so you do not feel rushed as the shop will be closing.


6) If you really want to avoid people look for the self service checkouts, which means you don’t have to actually speak to anyone and avoid embarrassment if you are buying unmentionable products from the health aisle like say condoms.


7) Don’t feel embarrassed when asking staff for adult health products like condoms or pregnancy tests. They are happy to help though not always helpful in choosing exactly what you are wanting. (Don’t ask which they would prefer, you may embarrass the staff member)


8) Have a shopping list of what you are wanting


9) Have your smart phone ready as you might be after an ingredient on a recipe. Hopefully your phone can search for the recipe on the fly.


10) Know your mode of transport. Buying too many things is easy especially when you are using a basket. Can you fit everything comfortable into a backpack? How long is your journey especially with frozen things like ice cream. Do you take public transport, a car or a motorcycle?


There could be more, but these might be helpful for anyone at all.

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