Procrastination, boats and exams



You know what happens when you are meant to write an essay? You find other things to do especially when I go get my hair cut and then accidentally on purpose go see Captain America – Civil War even though it has been out for the last couple of weeks. The day just snow balls with walking the dog and then cooking tea.


Changes are occurring again with my work roster and while I maybe alright with that the changes will have me finishing work later at night on the Witching hour and I would be like Cinderella’s coach, turning back into a pumpkin at that time. Although I should be grateful that it is work. There is actually no choice and people know my objections.


There are other changes that I should contemplate too as I have been off the rescue boat for the last couple of months and thinking that it is time that I should stay with only being a radio operator. It is not the fact that I am working all weekend when I have the duty roster. I am actually struggling keeping up with all the training and then being on the boat once a month, I realise that my training has slackened off in a huge way to the point where I think I am more a liability or a hindrance. I cannot really keep up with anything other than the basics since I work part time and on top of that also study that takes up time.


On the subject of Marine Rescue, I was heading straight from work to the radio base and before I left work I made sure I spoke to the new Store Manager. It was like he seen me for the first time and on my part there was some strategy. I was using the uniform to get my point across to explain why I wanted to work earlier on that particular day. We shall see what happens. I have made the sacrifice with being boat crew, but that was actually a good thing and the people in charge know that my training is not up to scratch. I really do struggle with the maths side of things though luckily it is all GPS work and then there are the charts that I tend to get mixed up on between the minutes and the seconds. Just don’t start with the compass rose or else things will fall apart along with true magnetic north.


I have an exam coming up for the first time since I have been at uni as I have always had essays to write so we shall see how I go with Sociology. I thought it would be interesting and it is, but it involves a bit of heavy reading. I don’t need to do anymore units on that luckily. I did win a double pass to an exhibition in Sydney so I will travel there hopefully next month though I have no ideas on taking another person and might just sneak in on my own. Then I have time in the city to run around.

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