Emotional Feelings – Could this be a song?



Do I have feelings and do I show emotions? Yes to both, but I show them differently to other. I still get angry at people, I laugh and smile, but I don’t have to smile all day and every day. Being ‘happy’ does not mean I have to have a huge grin on my face. Just ask me and I will tell you I am happy though I might crack a joke and not be serious. Just don’t use that as me not understanding or else I would dismiss your opinions as meaningless and keep making you think I do not understand. Instead of telling others I don’t understand, then ask instead.


I do try at times to keep people at arms length as I don’t always want them to be that close to me. You might be able to tell if I do that. I could be cold and not interested especially in the way I speak. Or I might not really speak or open up about what is going on in my life. I tend to rely on people forgetting even though I might remember things about them. If I think you are annoying then I will be short or with the wonders of social media, I can ignore you.


Feelings to another as in intimate type feeling, I will shut down and lock away. In all honesty I would rather read a book though my mind would be on study and work. Its not a fear of anything and I don’t need to see anyone about it. I am pretty sure I can lock that one away in a dungeon, melt the key, build another wall and drop it into the bottom of the ocean, erase the planet from all system charts like Kamino in Star Wars. No, I don’t want that loving feeling unless it is a Fingerbun. I do like being single and I have no desire to multiply either especially when I don’t like maths. I am not that guy though I let everyone think I am that guy who is playing the game. I play the game that is deception by deceiving others into thinking I am fully interested and putting myself amongst the ladies.



Maybe I could add more to this blog, but I will say to this that I am A Ok and just having thoughts though they could be inappropriate to the point I could send you to a disturbing Youtube or Redtube post that involves two women and a cup, but take my word. Don’t go there.

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