Bagging Rights, Bragging Rights and Stately Wayne Manor



There are times when you see people bragging online about where they are staying and what they are doing. I am not talking about people staying in the flea bag motels drinking their beer, but those saying they are staying in the Stately Wayne Manor being waited on by the butler, Alfred Pennyworth sipping on their cider.


I cant afford to stay in upmarket boutique hotels that cost more than I make in one week, but it is like people try to lord that over you and others. I can only afford a hostel room that is actually a dorm with 8 other people. I have friends that I know who couldn’t afford something like that at the moment though I know it might annoy them that they are getting it thrown in their face.


Am I angry? Nah, just annoyed that I wish I could afford the boutique holiday hotels, but settling for something within my budget. People would likely get the same when I post of my travels though I don’t think I am bad as cataloguing the exact fare to and from an event especially not online. I see posts all the time that say do not advertise that you are not at home as it attracts the wrong kind of people. These days I have a limited audience on FB that is not in the thousands.


I do wonder if the bragging is a self esteem thing more for the person as they do not feel connected or as though they really are doing what they are doing. Are there cracks appearing that we ourselves do not see that are worse than anyone can imagine like how people will resort to great lengths to cover up damage within a house like the hole they put into the wall. You know it is there, but is it still a hole in the wall when it has been fixed?


I am not naming names other than being an advocate of something importantish doing importantish stuff like letting doves fly or dancing in the rain. Could be a fly on the wall for all we know. I wonder if they can use Twitter?

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