Characters within the online Autism community



I thought of this while at work and thought what character traits are there within the autism community. This is more for the fun of it that truly being serious though there are many who might take this as a serious point. Can you think of more?


The Look at Me’s – They want you to look at them and their achievements, but actually dismiss other people. Could be really a bot.


The lost causes – They really want to see the world implode, but are satisfied in watching the world burn. They come under other names as Troll or known as Monday.


The fly under the Radar – The quiet people who do their own thing, but happy with little or no recognition. They are also the least suspected in any mischievous deeds.


The hordes of the Jealous – They are jealous of others achievements and puff themselves when someone makes an achievement they view as being better. They might be bribed with cream buns.


The People who should be listened to, but no one seems to – They work hard in their chosen field as scholars, but not always recognised as such. They have plenty to say, which is backed up by experience and research.


The bloggers – They constantly write blogs about all topics within the autism arena, but no one usually knows who they are. They could be The Batman!


The asskicking bloggers – They find daily causes and charge right in as the enemy runs away after seeing the whits of their eyes. They usually have a scorched earth policy.


The latest studiers – Share everything that is the latest study that crosses their path like chipmunks disguised as squirrels. People throw rotten vegies at them on a regular basis.


The Outragers – Outraged by everything around them from gender neutral toys to changes to Social Media becoming too social. They could be used as heating in winter.


The Please Explainers – Anyone who posts something they think is funny will get a ‘Please Explain’ followed by ‘I dont like it’. May or may not hang around Fish and Chip shops.


The Mothers – The ones who have kids and will rampage over others if they think baby bear is in trouble. They could be using the table cloth as a cape and doily’s as a hat.


The ‘I think these people / ideas are dangerous’, people – They take information off Facebook or social media telli8ng people what dangers there are be it people or things. Usually told that their information is flawed.


The ‘I will watch the people get told and say Lol’ people – They laugh at anything and everything when they know they should be serious. Lol!


The lost – Usually has no idea what others are saying, but give up after five minutes trying to understand the world.


The Silent – They wait, watch and keep an eye on everything and could be puppet masters. They might not even comment, but you know they are there.


The Likers – They like everything you say or do, but they like to say nothing. You cannot know where they are, but are like the silent.

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