University, the multiple degrees to finishing



I am closing in on the end of my university degree one that I think I have touched on within other blogs though probably not sure how much I have. Anyway I cant remember. I do not usually talk to people about my study though I tend to wheel out that I study on the odd occasion at work, where the boss is usually stunned. I have a friend who is nearly finished her PHD degree and it shows me that anyone of any ability can get things done when they want to. She shows me that I can keep going.


I seem to be good at not discussing parts of my life that I deem not to be of importance to others or I could just neglect not to say anything at all. I havnt told the university that I have Aspergers and it’s the same when new managers appear every couple of years that I do not say anything or even the Marine Rescue. Though in that respect I tore strips off one skipper who said he wanted to know for safety reason if someone had a condition that could impact the running of a boat. I know people, people do not really care as they will forget within 5 mins later. I never actually discussed being an admin to an autism / Asperger page outside of the land that is the internet as it was never up for discussion plus to me it was not that important. I have made my entire career of not saying things or deeming them not to be important. All I want to do is get on with the job by my own merits, which includes university as I do not want the extra help or whatever the support is. I didn’t like doing it with job agencies as I felt like I was getting special treatment. I rather others get the help they need.  I have not spoken to the marine rescue about my university study and no one there actually realises what I do other than work for the local supermarket. If I do tell them I study then I feel it would be an excuse and I am not making excuses. I have gone off track I think.


When joining university I did have the thought that it could take me on some career path outside of Coles, but there do not seem to be that much in the way of careers or even employment that is steady and not prone to being cut by the government. As I was last asked by my boss as to why I am studying. I replied its off my own bat and I want to learn more about the world my family came from. At the moment I am studying Crime, Protest and Reform. I am doing subjects that are not really in my scope of interest, but I have drawn the line at anything ancient history due to being interested in modern history.


I am learning how to manage my time with study and work as my hours have steadily increased while I have been studying. The study load has not changed though I have learnt many valuable lessons especially study wise and making sure I have enough time to complete my assignments. Its why I rather study by distance as I can download the lectures, read and write the essays at my leisure instead of being stuck in a room with a dozen or so others. I don’t actually care about half the issues the other students have like paid postage for library books or the lecturers they have problems with. So long as my assignments get marked and I pass the unit then I am happy.


At the moment I am at the point where I have less than half a dozen units to go and have to choose what I would like to study and that does include a personal research project that I have decided to have a little look into several subjects that I might like to research. I have no idea about proposals and my thinking is if I have the records and other data available before hand then I can just focus on putting it all together instead of spending 10 weeks in a rush trying to sort it all out. I already did that in two subjects one about a monument I had to write about and the other one was in Families last year where I had to find records about wills, probate and everything else. I couldn’t find all I wanted, but it was really good to write up. I enjoyed that and that includes my latest assignment on the Tolpuddle Martyrs and labour relations at that time period.


In the long run I think I will use my study to write blogs as I have a better understanding in history and my family tree that I have pretty much neglected for some time as I do not have time to do heaps of research other than what I have done the basics on. Those are the main ideas of the university degree of the Bachelor degree I am doing. Will I go onto Honours and Master degrees in history? I don’t think I will as I am happy with what I do have though one thing I will miss in access to interesting academic articles. Though the books I will continue to buy as I do like New Zealand subjects like the New Zealand Wars. I think afterwards the bell will toll and I have graduated though I might only say stuff to people online, but no one will really know in the real world. People can continue to think I am a smart ass or a weird person.

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