Autism Awareness / Acceptance month or accept puzzled melons

Before I start I should point something out……. This is not the essay that I should be working on as it involves 1834 and Tolpuddles, but dont tell anyone.

Shouldn’t we have awareness and acceptance for 365+ days of the year and include every other group instead of in some way excluding everyone else? Would there be many people who would not only have autism, but something else that is part of them as well that is identified in another group? I am wondering if we are just focusing on the one condition and leaving the rest for their own month. Though I have not seen a no smell and taste month or acceptance for missing senses. I don’t light anything up blue nor any other colour, but could someone associate the theme to Doctor Who or even the Imperial March to the day and then lets see how that goes?


What have my plans for the month been? It is pretty simple really as its pretty much the theme of the show Pinky and the Brain.

“What are we doing tonight, Brain?”

“What we do every night, Pinky!”

“Try to find the quantum capacitor or take over the world!”

I work and study. I don’t really have time for much else. I am not even going to attempt anything else as I am happy to do my own thing. I am aware that I should accept that I will have a fingerbun. I am starting to wonder if this movement is really a rural type area thing as I did see an even that was planned suddenly get cancelled with no explanation after it was moved from April to May. I have heard May is also some sort of awareness / acceptance thingy to do with Autism too though sometimes I do wonder if there are groups out there that exclude everyone else for their own party.


I will put a stereotype right here and I know someone might laugh or tell me I am partially correct. People on the spectrum do not gather and are solitude people who do not go with the crowd. It is funny as with the awareness / acceptance thing that is exactly what people are doing. I have a friend who is working on completing her PHD and I would love to see what she has written rock the foundations of the Autism world as she has some really great points that everyone needs to stop and listen to without going all out with their outrage over little things that are trivial. I know the Bunny lady has style and you should hear her roar.


Time for some honesty. Work is changing as in getting a renewal and everything is being changed around. The literature says that I cannot cope with change. This is not a couple of items being shifted, but everything inside the whole store. I am not feeling worried about the changes as I want to see them when finished. I have said it before that I do not talk about Autism at work or even with the Marine Rescue that I am part of. If you have been with two organisations for so long, where would you start? I am happy to be Mr. Plod and plod along knowing that my glass is either half full or half empty.


I should stop with the ramble in the brambles. Beer is good, but that will get me into trouble and having a nice juicy pie might not be good for my health, but I can eat those. We do need melons without puzzles so the reference would remain an enigma.

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