A year on: An aspie journey away from support

It has been over a year on since I have received the last of my Centrelink payments through the DSP (Disability Support Pension) and all I can say is it has been a great year. March this year was when my concession card expired and I was happy for that as the last yolk of government support has slipped away. To be honest I knew it was time once my employers asked to increase my hours and that has been for the best. I would say that I am one aspie who has made it away from any major support knowing the future that lies ahead is all rainbows and flowers. I do have another year of being on the books so to speak and after that I have no idea what happens.


I should point out that finishing up with Centrelink doesn’t make Aspergers go away or whatever else I do have, but I feel it makes me a better person to finally come out of the shadow of a payment system I had been receiving since 1997. That was while I was in high school.


A year on, what has happened?

Employment wise it has been interesting as there have been many roster changes and at this current point in time I am studying 36 hours a week.


I decided to take several months off being on the rescue boat due to work commitments as I have been working all weekend. I am still doing radio sessions just not on the boat. I am wondering after 13 years if I should stay off the boats as my training seems to be slipping.


I have bought shares and learnt how to go about buying them. I already have some, but wanted to go without a broker. Also means I never have to let Centrelink know I have done this as they need to know all income sources.


The AAANetwork shut down. I call that a good thing as it was becoming more of a chore that something fun to do. I have felt better that I no longer an adminion and I think the page owners feel the same as we just do bike stuff now. I actually have very little to do with the autism community and I think its my own path I follow.


I have been on another holiday though later than usual. I went to New Zealand in the middle of summer and found just how hot it can get. It was a good trip away and full of adventure. I really do need new boots. Really good since I don’t have to tell Centrelink I am going overseas.

My bike has been paid off through my hard work and its good not to have huge expenses like that to pay off.


I am one step closer towards my Bachelor degree in History. I calculate I have another two years left and thinking of picking up another subject in Trimester 2. I am trying something different by doing a subject with an exam instead of two essays. Sociology isnt very easy at all and I have completed my first essay that I have yet to hand in.


I like to have these sorts of life challenges as they are what define people and this has shown me that it can be done. I would do it all over again and I did feel embarrassed to have the concession card. Not that I had really been using it to get things other than medication. I still don’t see everything I do as a big deal and to me its not, but others tend to think it is huge. I just look to the future and leap to grab hold of it. At the end of this year I will have been at my employment for 10 years and this includes long service leave. That means holidays I can use. I am known for holidays at work.

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