Picking Up

Not sure if I have written about this or not, but here goes. Could be that I said something similar when talking about Valentines Day.

It seems I always have people thinking I will pick up on my travels and I just run with it. I do tend to try to avoid people most of the time on my travels. People hanging off me for one thing would become a literal drag as I have to take them around to uninteresting places. Somehow I don’t think people realise that hostels can have mixed rooms though I did once mention having problems with a lady in one room and people think of something else. The real story was I had a roommate from hell who thought she had booked a room for women only and got me instead. I won by sticking to my guns and saying I don’t want to leave. She left over night to spend time with a ‘friend’. I had a room to myself.

I try to hold people in that way at arm length not letting them into my inner armour though on one trip I did meet a girl though it was complicated and long distance. I would only elaborate to say she had her own issues, but we are no longer in contact. I think this taught me I am happy to do my own thing and run or act confused if people show any interest. Though I did get hit on by another guy in a hostel room and I put him in his place diplomatically and I was left alone. I can see how people can get into trouble themselves. Avoiding people to me seems like a great idea unless it is family and then they don’t need to be avoided.

I have learnt to let people think what they want to think and also a strip club is never the best place to hang out or be left alone. They will always try to focus on the people they want to get some cash out of including offers to play pool or sending a lady to chat with you. I still wonder if Pebbles from Chile is still around. Everything you do is a learning experience and I like to try new things though trying new people just leads to trouble and I could be the first person to run away. People online seem to think otherwise about what I am like though I don’t have those people around anymore that think any woman I speak to, I am actually sleeping with.

Will I keep people under the impression that I pick up and am a womaniser? I do say I sleep around on my trips, which usually mean I am sleeping in many beds in hostels or hotels. I am good at looking confused, angry, lost or all of the above. Regardless I do meet a few interesting people who may even surprise me especially when you end up in New Zealand and listen to those who travel the trails.

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