Prelude Holidays – Brad in Boots needs coconuts not airspeed of Swallows

There is around three weeks until my next trip away and before I get close to actually going on it. There are some small things other than packing for the trip to be done. These are mostly housekeeping and checking to see if I have all my equipment that I will need. Closer to the time will mean I book transport from the airport since I will be landing around 1am in the morning, but there is no hurry for that. A good friend keeps telling me when I speak of the tidbits of my travels that its – Brad in Boots.


At the moment one of the issues that I had while I was away and I am pretty sure that I mentioned it within my travel blog, which I will provide a link for was that on the Kapital Tour, I discovered some issues with my Zenbook. I love the machine as its my second computer to travel, but it seems to have memory issues as in the memory keeps decreasing on the Hard drive. I decided to look at the programs and along with disk clean ups I found several gigs of space. The other part is deleting programs I have not used on it especially pre-installed software from Asus. I did look them up to make sure they can be removed. Automatic updates have also been turned off as I believe this would also decrease the space on my computer.


Usually I also name the entire tour, but I have not made a decision on that part and I will be giving it a name before I leave and throw my decision up onto my travel blog. I will have an added component to my trip and that will be to record how far I travel in one day with the use of my fitbit and my Ipod touch that will only work with my Zenbook as I have to update my main computer, but updates means that it might catch something I do not want my computer to catch. Closer to the time I will be more organised, but I have three weeks to do that in and usually I don’t think of sorting anything out until the days before.


Note: I did once think about things like Traveling Aspie or Aspie abroad, but that to me just seems too cheesy. That shoe just didn’t suit me and I have heard others took those ideas for themselves. Not that I really care about them anyway. Travelling Brad sounds better and Brad in Boots even better. It just sounds weird when you hear someone use Aspie Brad as though its important, but to me it is not. Now Brad with the big green friggin bike sounds better. Or Taxi!

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Travelling Brad


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