Christmas Aftermath, Hot Cross Buns and a New Year dawns

The aftermath of Christmas always seems to mean spending time with family, Doctor Who Christmas Special within the next couple of days and heaps of leftovers from that day we all stop and feast like gluttons.


After Christmas always means the beginnings of the preparation to the new year, which means the tides turn for getting the stock back and recovering from the usual Christmas Shoppergeddon. Nothing magically appears with Christmas Day in between as Boxing Day just means the restocking of the shelves with those who work. There is usually very little in the way of anything that would be left out the back. The other part tends to be the beginnings of the other sales that will appear in April with the Easter shenanigans, where we all feast on Hot Cross Buns and chocolate eggs. Every year is the same as the Buns appear on the shelves right after Boxing Day and people are just outraged, but if they were not then the same people will be outraged. I would be more outraged about the finger buns being chocolate chipped.


The glimmer of hope is that the Back to school items will bring cheers from everyone as we all know that the kids will be going back to school sooner than later after a 6 week break. The cycle will just renew and as I found out when touring the chocolate factory in New Zealand they make Easter Eggs for 6 months of the year and we all wonder why there is so much. I don’t eat much chocolate and it means more for others.


The end of one year means the beginning of another and also the drawing of holidays this time around since I had not taken then in November. Seems like a good idea and I will think of other places to visit like maybe South Australia for the non-convict history and the parks that I have read so much about while studying. I have read so much about my next trip to New Zealand and that trip is actually booked now so I only need tours to be sorted out and that is done. I don’t tend to do New Years celebrations as I am usually dead tired after working all day.


The Marine Rescue has made some interesting changes as they now have a new boat and now the radio room has changed since we are allowed back under the lighthouse once the concrete cancer has been treated. The radios are all now touch screens so you communicate that way. Like Skype, but you are on marine radios. I had my first real test to say that I am not really prepared and need some more training.


Next year will be exciting and I think this blog might need some slight tweaking as I go along as its never just about Asperger stuff anymore. It is about the number 42 and life as we know it. Random thoughts and about burning ants (Aunts?) with magnifying glasses. Drinking beer and contemplating my navel while running shadow ops to escape from the ladies.

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