Christmas Day or day off from Shoppergeddon



Christmas is a nice time to be with family and also the day for most of us in the front line services get to have a day of rest and over indulge. I am not talking about the rescue organisations, but those who work in customer services especially retail. I call the Christmas shopping Shoppergeddon and the day of Christmas is a day off as I am all Christmas spirited out. So Bah Humbug to you and all.


The two days before Christmas is usually apocalyptic, Armageddonish or as I call it this year, Shoppergeddon due to the amount of people who walk in through the doors of the supermarket I work in. Yes I have aspergers and do work in retail, but I do not really care for other people’s opinions who are usually ignorant. People usually run the reel saying ‘You cant cope with heaps of people’, You will have sensory issues due to crowds’. Blah, Blah! I ignore discomfort and get the job done knowing I can have a beer at the end of the day. I can cope with anything people throw at me so long as its not dirty underwear. I would love to see how some of those people actually cope with my job. I love my job especially when you can checkout the lovely ladies who wander through the stores at all times and I might be nice enough to help. I get smiles since I wear a ‘Bah Humbug’ hat. A lady told me the hat was very honest and I thanked her. I should wash it since I have not done so in the last 5 years.


I took one look at the crowds before I started work at 10 am and asked my boss if I could slash my wrists (I am always joking and winding people up). I was told ne you cant they are not that bad and we need you for work. Yes I am that person in the workplace that is slightly nuts and will be brutal at times in what is said. I am like the wild card where I plough through anyone usually to get my work done though at the end of the day I am buggered as I have pushed myself. If I am not tired by the end of the day then I have not tried hard enough. I should learn not to push myself with working over my limits and I have come close this year especially with a shift that started at 5am and ended with me seeing the new Star Wars movie. Aspergers isn’t something that is a topic of discussion in the work place as I have said before and with me I doubt it would actually be something like that in the lunchroom. When asked if there is something to do with cognitive ability, I just say its depth perception, but I have talked about this already.


Shoppergeddon is unlike any other day on the calendar. It is Christmas shopping at its best with the last minuters coming in and doing the last. Behind the scenes everyone is frantic trying to keep up with getting stock out for people to buy. As soon as it is out it will go and I had a Turkey roast in my hands and a lady asked for it. That was the very last one in the freezer. Over the last week our loads have been coming in bigger than usual where nothing quite fits into the cool rooms. Come Christmas Eve, you would not have noticed that there had been Chaotic scenes out the back as all the stock like creams, dips and custards had all gone out to the shop floor when earlier in the week there was barely walking room. Come Boxing Day it will mean we get the stuff we hopefully need to replenish the shelves that ran out. The shopping centre had run out of carparks and people were parked in the streets the place got that busy. This year something that worked well was having all registers open from 10am to 6pm, which got the mass crowds out the door. It’s a yearly thing with the carparks going and I arrived to work earlier as I knew what it would be like.


Don’t get me started on Christmas carols as they started in November and I commented on the TV carollers that they can shove their wings where the sun doesn’t shine. The only carols I listen to are the alternative ones that appear on youtube. They just get too much after listening for weeks on end. Though I think I was lucky not to get any of the nasty angry people this year and they ended up front of the store.


According to an article I was reading yesterday, being a scrooge or Grinch at this time of year means you are in need of some extra loving in the form of help lines and maybe drugs. I really hope the person who wrote the article understands that there are people out there who want to be different and do not need that sort of help at all. I feel blanketing everyone being not for Christmas would be dangerous. I will provide the link.


Still I am happy to have a beer at this time of year and try to relax after knowing I have helped to satisfy many people with what they were after. I never received one kiss, but I never carried any mistletoe. Stressful work, but worth it in the end.




How to host a Christmas Grinch


Progressive Carols

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