Christmas Grinch – Why I am embracing it.

I am actually embracing my Christmas Grinch this year. I have changed my profile on Facebook to everything Bah Humbug. What people do not really know about me especially online is that I do wear ‘Bah Humbug’ hats while at work. I work in retail so that has meant since everyone is wearing festive shirts, I have been the one wearing black and white hats that say ‘Bah Humbug or ‘This as Merry as I get’.


Earlier in the year I had bought and read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, which I enjoyed. I know all about the story and it is sad that people have not actually read the book or read up on what it was about. There was a recent article in the BBC about why it was written and I found that to be interesting. Both this year and last year mum and I have not bothered to put up decorations especially not the festive lights outside the house especially since Bruce left. I really do one day soon want to put zombie Jesus in a manger out on the front lawn, but it might have to be something that takes place earlier in the year and not before the date.


I am not against Christmas by a long shot, but I work retail and see the excess every year. I am happy to look the part of being anti-Christmas and anti-consumerism especially online even though I have my hand out for extra work at this time of year. I think I piss off plenty of people on Facebook especially when I troll my own page with my wonderful thoughts like ‘Thought: Do atheists still celebrate Christmas when they are anti-religion?’ People who know me well know I am trolling for fish to catch and people are reliable in falling for something like that. I do throw up Christmas song parodies. At least for anyone working Christmas gets a day off who works in retail. Carols started in November so I am pretty much over listening to those sorts of things this year.


I should embrace the Grinch today and brave the ravenous zombie apocalypse crowds and get to work. Have at thee you survey sea dogs!


On another note, people who keep posting about genderless toys should take a step back to let people decide for themselves. I do not care for that sort of crap as they want to control other people’s actions, but no one will tell these sorts of people off. I just ignore them.



A Christmas Carol: What was it that upset Charles Dickens?


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