Working for family – An insight


There are many lessons that I have learnt through life and one of them was about working for family. That lesson is never work for family if you can help it especially if they own a business. In my opinion family who are your employers tend to treat you a whole lot worse than any other employee. This could be due to family expectations are pretty high. There are many lessons in life and this is one that should not be taken lightly.


Working for family is the usual excuse of a lazy job agency worker as they will see that as an opportunity to push you into work. I always said no when I was dealing with them as I knew what the employers would be really like and not the sunny exterior people want to see. Still job agencies do not really care about the person’s welfare if they want to push you into areas that you have no experience in or want to work. When you know exactly what happens behind the scenes then you really want to run away


When searching for employment there was one area that I knew was off limits and that was by my own learning as that was the family owned business as I had seen other family members work for the business and how they were treated. I knew I did not want to be treated differently from other employees if not worse. I am pretty sure there was quite a bit of guilt tripping going on in regards to working for family as then you would have to go that extra mile as it was expected of you no matter where you worked. I do wonder at times if they have a bad reputation locally as employers and everyone knows, but I would have no idea if this plays some sort of impact.


I have heard some crazy things from others who have worked for various family members in businesses like when sick with a bad back, a family member was asked when he would be back at work without regard for the person’s welfare at all. Monetary gifts that were given and said to be gifts would suddenly appear on group certificates at the end of financial year or paperwork that said how long employment with the company was would vanish and could not be found. When you hear stories like this then you might want to consider looking elsewhere. I wouldn’t say all family are the same, but you never know until you work for them and then something might happen. Another story is a family member stayed all night to paint an office. The paint had been approved by the father of the family member and the next morning the father went ape shit as it wasnt the paint he was after. The son quit the job and never went back after working there for 20 or so years.


If you really have to work for family, be very wary that they might not be as nice people as you think they are. They may change and think that you have to do loads more work than the other regular worker. You may be taken advantage of and that could reflect on what you receive at the end of the day. I do believe if you get a job with the help of family who work in the same area then it would be an unfair advantage over other people especially when that family member might have staked their reputation on the promise that you are a decent hard worker and when the expectations shatter then the other person might not have a reputation afterwards.

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