Running a page on Facebook: Tips from a former adminion of an Asperger / Autism page

I have spent around two years as admin for a Facebook page and found many ideas on how to run one after playing with the settings and looking around. Running a page as an admin can be rewording and I thought I would give other people tips on how to make the running of a page smooth going. Hiccups do happen and people do as people do and start wars online. I will share some tips.

1. Personally I find using a desktop computer or laptop easier than a tablet or smartphone in doing anything admin. Use a device that you think would be easier for yourself.

2. Consider stopping people from posting to your page other than in comments as it will make your life easier and you don’t need to delete the posts. If you end up with 8000 people then it could be a difficult job.

3. Have a think about your stances towards public issues that you know people are going to be very passionate about. I have my personal beliefs, but you might want to be neutral towards these issues no matter what people will tell you. They will tell you where you should stand. Don’t listen. A good page should be neutral unless it borders on abuse.

4. As Admin I explored the changes that had occurred to the page literally overnight. I might not have noticed for several days, but there were always slight upgrades being made especially to the way admins could communicate as themselves or the page. If you want to communicate as yourself, make sure you know how to switch although sometimes it does not work out the way you want. It look silly if you randomly post, but don’t include your name at the end.

5. Work with the other admins as a team by sorting out a plan. I have worked with some that just posted one or two thing and gave up. Some people do not take admining seriously. I always communicated with the page founders in passing messages or asked for another view.

6. Profanity filters are a must especially when people do have a tendency to swear. I didn’t actually turn it on, but you could put in the words you wanted to come up. It did work as the comments are hidden. I put in all manners of words like Fuck, Fuck wit. No one was ever creative in the use of their wording. I never seen Quim used at all or even telling people to go forth and multiply.

7. I really get annoyed when parents get their knickers in a knot and tell other parents they know nothing about autism and start a fight. Don’t be afraid to jump in and tell them to back off or else they will be banned. Some people regardless just want a fight. Be prepared to get your hands dirty by telling people off no matter what their ability is. They might need a reality check.

8. Don’t be afraid to ban people. If they make implied threats to you in the comments then ban them. I never gave an explanation or told them why. I banned a high profile person in the autism community for spamming the page with her blogs or links unrelated to the topic. I hesitated for a week as I knew she was friends with another admin. I found the blocked person to be disrespectful. I have found if people have blocked you and they comment, you can still see them. I banned that person too. Trouble makers should always be banned especially when they think they know everything and spam the entire thread. Its weird when you find they have four profiles.
I did set one person up when I knew he had a second profile after I banned him. I posted a topic of discussion and he commented that I had banned him, so that profile was immediately banned.

9. Regularly post to the page or schedule posts around a week ahead so then you do not need to figure out what you are going to do. Schedules mean that you do not need to do anything at all for a short period of time. Write a list of topics of discussions. I ended up with 37 pages worth all written down. Google helps for news articles or your newsfeed will do that too on Facebook.

10. Be very prepared to test or setup other admin to see if they will do the job. There were around 5 people who were admin. I stopped posting as I was busy with my university work and never posted for around a month. No one picked up the slack as they never noticed. When asking for help, one said she would help in three months. I felt that was not good enough. A decent team of admins should ask what the problem is within a day of nothing being posted. I felt some wanted the page to fail and I didn’t want the page at the time to die a slow death. I basically made the page my own for quite some time. I understood the page founders were busy with life stuff, but the other admin really didn’t have an excuse. I do believe also that some forgot about the page and their role.

11. If you cannot answer the message that people send asking questions then ask some of the other admin. It would be better if you have a secret page set for just the admins so you can post asking for advice. Some people will post rants or get annoyed if you ignore them and throw up sarcastic emojis.

12. Being an admin to a page will take a bit of time out of your life. I did check every notification to make sure there were no fights ore other problems even when I was at work. Smartphones are annoying at times. Even on holidays including overseas trips I was admining the page. Probably going a bit too far.

13. If the founders or others offer to take some of the work off your shoulders then let them. Never say no to getting others to help you out.

14. Don’t be afraid if you post rules and people think they are being smart by treating them like a little child. Ask them if they want to be treated like a child and they will soon get the message. They will get upset and would know their place afterwards.

15. People do not read things like posts properly. Always explain to people a second time if necessary using different words or smaller words. They will get angry and tell you to delete something they do not approve of. Ignore them. If they post on another post their grievances, pull them into line quickly especially when you include the words ban. They will get the message.

16. Rule with an iron fist. You run the page, you make the decisions. Don’t take shit from anyone.


Hopefully there are enough tips there to help you and I might include more at a late date when I think of some more.

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