The end of an era. The closing of an Autism / Asperger page


It has finally come. The end of an era where great people decide that it is time to step back and do their own thing. The end of an Asperger autism page that I admin for as the adminion. We all have had a great time making the page great though there are many downfalls as well. The page itself has basically become a burden for myself and the two page owners who decided to call it a day.

I think it has been nearly two years since I become an admin for the Australian Autism Asperger Network page and have seen many responses from people including those who became aggressive towards others and people who are just happy to be there and nearly always answering the topics of discussions. Towards the end the page has become more of a burden especially when others do have other things going on in their lives to and the call to shut down was a justified one. There are plenty of pages out there for other people to visit. People might be wondering about the page though it will be gone forever. I could have been seen as heavy handed when blocking people especially when people begin to post their own blogs under topics so I gave them a banning as I thought they were disrespectful even if they are considered to be high up within the Autism / Asperger world. My guess is people are afraid to tell them that to their face. I really do love the profanity filter too as anyone who swore had their comment hidden. Not my fault you cant say it without those words. Eat a cake of soap instead.

It doesn’t feel like a loss that the page has ended as I will likely be doing other stuff with Paul and Barb in the future. I have seen many people come and go with promises that they will help, but it just wears you down after a while as you hear the same excuses. For those pages that come and go, we salute you. I always thought it was my duty to keep the page running with Topics of discussions and articles that might interest people even though I really stopped reading them in the last couple of months. All I tend to be doing was automatically posting, so I am guessing that the page closing had come at the right time. I will be around though more like writing my blogs and to see if people read them. I tend to look at the stats of all my blog pages though I tend to post more on my history and travel type blogs.

I will still be around on Facebook, but I will be happy not to be trying to run a group in my spare time and that includes on breaks at work. I left another group that was Sunshine Coast based as it had died and wasn’t holding my interest and I don’t think the page owner had even noticed. Still life goes on and I am not upset at all in the slightest. Last year I might have tried to fight tooth and nail, but this time round ‘I will let it go’. My other plans in life await including travels and my studies. I might just take a break from the Aspie world for a while other than my blogs, which I will include many more life type stuff other than the Autism worldly things.

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