Family of the steps – An Aspie journey from the past

Not every story is one that is positive and to others provides a unique insight into the writer’s life and what has occurred in the past. Everyone has different experiences and some of them tend to be different to other peoples. Family can be a bunch of interesting people and you could be defined by how they react and their actions around you. I have seen a few things in my time including divorces that have upset the family dynamics including that of step families. Step family including step grandparents are supposed to be welcoming and all that, but that does not always work in any way or form.

When family bonds reformed through marriage there would be the questioning of identity. I am only going from memory, which as everyone knows can be pretty hazy at times. It’s interesting being part of the family, but not part of the family like Harry Potter in the closet. I have not really been very close to my step grandparent though I don’t know if they really wanted to know my sister and I after mum was bought into their world through marriage. They already had three grandchildren from dad’s previous marriage and they dotted on the three. My sister and I were older and would be living at the caravan park which they owned. From what I have heard there were the tests to see if mum was trustworthy to be part of the family and that did involve money like to see if she would spend it or keep it. One year around Christmas mum had to get the presents for my sister and I. I do remember black and white striped shirts that mum had to go shopping for since they had no idea. I do also remember getting a cheap radio cassette player, which I did not worry about, but heard later that the family member was told to get something for us two as the other three would be getting something.

The only really good thing I do remember is the food especially the chicken soup and other Greek type cuisines that were made or bought up from Sydney by family members who were Greek. I didn’t feel left out even though that was basically what was happening though I never knew any different especially when I was living in a different country to my real grandparents who came on the occasional holiday. I remember we had to sell the car as we were promised a vehicle that was a four wheel drive though it had to be booked since it served as a work vehicle. It was a strange promise as it was later sold and there were promises for other vehicles that never eventuated. I have wondered if the promises were more with keeping people in line so they could be treated in the way the people wanted as they would have a carrot above their heads. The logs were likely to be something that the family members could use to lord over people by knowing their every business. I had regular trip to Brisbane to see specialists and pickups at TAFE too. It was annoying having to write our name down in a book in the office of the caravan park to say we would have the vehicle.

There are amazing things you hear from other people especially those who you knew that lived within the grounds of the same caravan park. I was told on several occasions that I was out of all five kids, the favourite one. They loved me to bits. I however knew better as they never really gave my sister or I and maybe mum too the light of the day and our time to get to know them or us better. I know what is a load of Bulldust that is stirred to make others look good, when reality is different. The thing is if I was that then I would have been showered in gifts or invited for lengthy dinners to learn about my hopes and dreams for the future. When I did ask if they knew anything about positions that were vacant, the strange answer was ‘I don’t know of any building sites.’ Not what sort of work are you looking for and I could help…..

I actually have more interaction with the ex-wife of the step grandfather who would be more of a grandparent than what they both would be and the same would be for my step uncles and aunt as well who I do like and have teased on occasion. I would say I am a better person for it as I don’t need a great deal and am not wishing to get anything at all. I do know people who have money should not be trusted. I haven’t spoken to the step grandfather since around 2000 and his wife I do see on occasion, but only to say hello. Maybe they know my life is richer for the lack of interaction or know through my step uncle that I am alright and surging ahead in life. I have gone to see music concerts with them and have that in common, which is one of the plusses.

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