Religion of the aspie minded


I see it all the time on the internet especially amongst the people on the spectrum. People will either for or against anyone who have different opinions. Some people have opinions even when the other person tells them to back off and seem to want to go in for the kill regardless. I think once people get their mad on then there is nothing to stop them from telling others are wrong.

Personally I don’t believe in something that restricts what I think and my movements, but I do also see where people are coming from with the need for religion. People are social animals and meeting up in groups of like minded people would be very satisfying, which would be a gathering of happy people with something to do. My thoughts are if people are happy to do their own thing like that then they should be left alone. It can be hard for others without the same belief system to kick them down, but we all should know that bullying is basically the same thing both in person and online. Sure there are always news reports about many groups and it should be up to the individual who makes up their mind.

I have done a little study though not much on the basics / history of religion and have attended several services though I always get lost with the bible as you don’t seem to read it from front to back, but like a choose your own adventure book with selections of chapters. I will say it was interesting visiting the JW Kingdom Hall to see what it was all about. I do have friends who are religious though I know if I mention anything about it then I might end up getting a lecture. My best way of dealing with people of religion is to leave them alone and do their own thing so long as it doesn’t break the law. I do tend to listen to what they say, but find it funny when they sometimes get a shock when people of other faiths do not like being evangelised to and might actually say something.

It seems to be an aspie thing when people always clash with others even when they should know better. The world is shrinking as more and more people become part of the global village as there will be a few speed bumps along the way. We all have our own way of living and no matter what others tell us we would all still be doing our own thing no matter the experiences.

One thought on “Religion of the aspie minded

  1. Well said, Brad! Aspies are humans. All humans share intrinsic positive and negative traits. As for religion, I find fanatic Atheists just as objectionable as fanatic religiosity. Any form of obstructive and exclusive fanaticism is dangerous, no matter who your proclaimed “god” (or “anti-god”) may be.

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