You don’t have to try at Sports carnivals, aspie and sucking at sports

You don’t have to try at Sports carnivals, aspie and sucking at sports


I am not talking about the sports day that tends to occur once a week through school where you would need a parent to sign a form of some sort to get out of it or even choose the sport you want to do. Though in this case if you want ideas, just try the easiest sports like beach walking, fishing or even beach volleyball. If you are near a beach it tends to mean you can go home earlier. Though without a note and sometimes out of uniform means you might end up in detention writing lines. Not so much fun.


Usually schools have sports carnivals and swimming ones too. Sure you can compete if you really want to, but not going into the events does tend to make your day sitting around that much longer. When I was going to school I never went to the swimming ones, but couldn’t get out of the sports carnivals. What you need for those days is a book or something to read especially out in the sun, shade of some sort and music. If you are with a group of friends just put your names down for the same event. You just have to be seen doing one thing and the best part is you don’t need to try or put much effort into these. Something like shotput or even the javelin. Some people might try to con you into the running events by saying they are compulsory, but you do not have to enter these, but just stand on the side lines and watch the different heats.


Be careful if you are trying to wander off and look for any of the teachers that might be around as they are watching and you might have to get your name marked off at the end of the day so they know who are still present. Usually these days just mean you will not have much to do, but laze around watching people wandering to different groups of people though some do smoke in the out of the way areas. If you are caught with them then it might be hard to explain why you are there. The problem with sports days is that if you suck at sport then you have nothing else to do other than sit around looking pretty, but if you really have to attend something like Cross Country then race some people to see who will get last place. It is actually no big deal especially when you have been passed by the leaders at least once. Then it just means a brisk walking pace or bowing out of the race altogether. You do not have to feel bad for these things at all.

If it is not compulsory then it means you do not have to attend, though I would suggest having a note to justify your absence. I never really tried at the sports days as I wasnt interested in much that happened there. Some people might not like what has been written as they want people to always try their best and that is not always the case especially if Sports bores the hell out of you.

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