It is alright to fly under the radar: aspergers / Autism Spectrum at school


You would not usually hear someone with Aspergers or even an advocate of any sort who would suggest what I am suggesting, but there are people out there who need to know this sort of advice. I am not telling people not to try, but those who are happy just to pass everything and not be outstanding with top marks for everything if they do not want them. There are people who just want a pass and have the idea that they do not want to head to university right out of high school or might end up there around 10 or so years later.

There is nothing wrong with passing all your subjects in school though there are times when you may with your marks be sent to the next level of classes. I had that happen when I was in English as I had come in the top two of my class. I actually missed all the other people that I had spent years with and spoke to the head English teacher who allowed me to go back down to my old class. I had been bored and not really passing any of the tests so thought going back was the better idea. If you have people telling you that you are the smartest there is then they might not always have your best intentions at hand and they have to listen to what you say, not what they think you are telling them. There is nothing wrong with being in the bottom classes for any subject like maths or English. If you feel comfortable there then stay there.

While in high school I was asked if I was after certain scores that could get me into university and I turned the teachers down explaining university did not interest me in the slightest. If you don’t want them then you don’t have to perform to be in the top 10% of your year when you are happy with being an average student. I don’t know if the books are still published, but there are books about possible career paths that you can follow. I would suggest having a gander at them to see what interests you. Don’t let the careers advisor tell you otherwise if you have to speak with them about your thoughts on the career path. You may have one in mind already. Although you are not a top student, you still need to pass your end of year exams to finish school. You are allowed to scrape by with a pass especially as many workplaces like Supermarkets and other retailers are not worried about what you have achieved in school.

Passing school is good, burning yourself out in the process to please others is not good. If you know what your plans are after leaving then go for it. Be it a job or more study, don’t let others tell you what you have to do. People out there will say others on the Autism spectrum / Aspergers are the smartest ones out and get bored easily due to their intelligence. They might not really be speaking for you especially if you enjoy where you are and pass everything. Going to the next level of classes might not be in your best interests especially if you feel the strain. If you want to do leather work in school or a language then go for it. Do not worry if it’s not for a career path.

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