Random thoughts that were Schooled!

I was thinking up some of my ‘Expert Tips’ that usually get me into a little bit of trouble as they are a little random and I was thinking about PE as in Physical Education in High School and thought these would be better as a blog instead of a little Facebook post and then everyone can gasp in surprise about the lack of enthusiasm. Funny how thoughts of the past just randomly pop up wanting to say hello, but do not want to go away.

One of these posts was going to be… Expert Tip: Always fudge records when doing fitness in PE including for the BMI.

These are things I actually have done while in school and yes I did fudge the records like when we had to do chin lifts, I never actually did those. What I had done was pick a number between 1 and 10, then record it. My weight, I had done the scales, but I didn’t correctly record what it said. The teachers would not notice as there were 40 other students doing the same thing. The next year I did do everything correctly, but hanging around the hall was something you would do especially with your classmates.

Some of the other hijinks happened to be not hitting the ball when playing cricket when the bowler was bowling. I think that was a brain fade at the time, but I was just being my usual self. Think that just got everyone annoyed. Playing soccer and walking up to the goalie who had the ball in his hands and belting it out shocking everyone, but people thought I was awesome and wanted me to keep doing random things like that. Touch football aka rugby league and instead of dodging someone, I ran straight at them steamrollering over them even though they were taller than myself.

Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a rebel at all in school though doing my thing and passing was the main thing. These expert tips are lived experiences that others might not try as then they would get caught and in trouble. I didn’t say you can’t give it a go.

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