The Future ruminations and the past ruminations

It is around four months left before I end up losing my concession card and has been around eight months since my payments have ceased through Centrelink with the Disability Support Pension. In all honesty since tax time has passed, I have found not receiving the payments to be really enlightening. I might on occasion miss the extra little bit of money as it would mean some savings, but the yolk of Centrelink is gone from my neck or shoulders. Being on the DSP to me anyway was a burden that I wanted to get rid of. There is freedom without having something like that as you do not need to tell them you have extra stashed away or you accidentally bought some investment shares or you plan to visit far off countries outside of Australia. I do however find it sad that parents want their young to live on this payment. Have they ever asked their kids or an adult who was on it what it was like? I feel many parents especially those on the Autism Spectrum want to rely on government assisted payments without going out if they are able to find employment. I feel the government will become very strict and be cracking the whip no matter what side is in power as they are all clones of each other.
The interesting part of me losing the concession card is not the card at all, but the fact I am going away on a trip overseas a month before this will happen. I am not worried about this at all. My next New Zealand trip is going to be really good and have changed my trip around a bit as places I wanted to go were taken off due to bus timetable issues or the places I wanted to stay never responded to my emails. Though reading Tripadvisor does give you an insight.

ACDC concert
What? I cant hear you? In a week or so I will be going to the greatest Australian rock band’s concert and that is ACDC. I have been going to see them ever since I was introduced to them by and uncle and Aunt. The first time in 2000 I think was with the cover band The Living End. They were really good in person though it did shock me that they swore. I am now going to my third ACDC concert. I have seen KISS once before too so that has been taken off my wish list. I would like to see several other bands like Nightwish in person too. Something that is loud and proud I do love to see even if my6 hearing seems to be going somewhere.


Some goals I had in place for this year have been completed, which is excellent like learning how to purchase investments on my own, paying my bike off, which is a large monetary burden to place on yourself. IU have wondered if I really do act like a supermarket worker with a machine like that, but I know the bike is who I am. I have been taken off the DSP and had my working hours increased being a part time worker. I wanted the increase and people should realise this as its all in the great plan especially when it involves holidays.

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